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понеделник, 8 юли 2013 г.

Liebster Award

Hallo, there!
Today I received the great news that Helle, from Spoonful of Crafts have nominated my blog for a Liebster Award!!! 
I love Helle's blog and I am honored to participate!
Is great chance for new bloger like me to meet new friends!

The idea with the Liebster Award is to to find new blogs that have less than 200 followers and to show them some love! 

Here are the Rules of The Liebster Award:

1. Link back to the nominating blog.

2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 5-11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

5. Ask the nominees 11 new questions.

6. Contact the nominees to congratulate them and let them know they were nominated.

Here are the questions that I was given to answer from Helle:

1. Where do you seek inspiration for your crafts?
Anastasia: Everywhere on the nature...
2. Which season do you prefer - and why?
Anastasia: I prefer a springtime when a flowers (you know I'm crazy for flowers) are everywhere and the green is more than grey
I like a autumn too with a many colors on the trees.
3. Do you have a favourite dish? If so, which?
Anastasia: My favorite dish is chicken prepared differently... I like to learn new recipes ;)
4. Do you prefer to go to the movies or watch films at home?
Anastasia: Movies on 3D. Favorite- Avatar!
5. On average, how many days a week do you craft?
Anastasia: depending on the inspiration...
6. Do you have a favourite colour?
Anastasia: all of colors are great if you combine them well
7. Steak or soup?
Anastasia: Steak :p
8. Do you have any pets?
Anastasia: I have a cat- naw is pregnant!!!
9. What is your best craft so far?
Anastasia: Some paper frames for a Christmas gifts to my parents and aunts, but don't have post with them :(
10. Shoes or bags?
Anastasia: And two of them...but maby bags ( because I can make them ;)
11. Where would you spend your dream holiday?
Anastasia: difficult question... I had made trip with motorbike to Europe and I'll like to do it new places... I LOVE travel
joy is of the journey

Here are 11 random facts about me:

I'm bulgarian woman living in Greece
I'm married  and have one cute boy.
I love to create and learn new techniques.
I like people who love that they make.
I love to travel.
I'd like to learn spanish.
I have driving certificate for big bike and like so much driving!!!
I was military daughter and loved to live in different towns every 5 years-I like a change.
Now living in Greece 12 years- the most lived in one place.

I have one best friends Milena from the school and I'm glad because can talk every day with her now!
When I was little girl I had dream to live on island, and now one of my dreams come true!

Here are the blogs that I nominate for The Liebster Award:

1. Milena from Scent of Style -

2. Zografia from Bisozozo -

3. Poppy from Poppy view 

4. Valentina from Lemon Chic -

5. Jolanda from my quilting place -

6. Lucyana from Riccoli di fantasia -

And, here are my questions for my nominees:

1. When do you start to create?
2. Your wast book?
3. Do you have a favourite movies? If so, which?
4. Do you prefer to go out or stay at home ?
5. What you do on Sundays ?
6. Do you have a favourite outfit?
7. Who is your favirite decigner?
8. Do you like to dream, what is a wast one?
9. Where is your best place, which to be now?
10. Sea or mountain?
11. Do you go out without makeup?

Once again, thanks a lot to Helle for my nomination - and congratulations to my 6 nominees. Looking forward to reading your answers to my questions and the 11 random facts.

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  1. Благодаря за номинацията и за хубавите думи, които си написала за мен!

  2. Hi dear nice blog..I'm your new follower..Do u want return? FOLLOW ME.. KISSEEEESSSSS <3 Good evening <3 =)!

  3. Συγχαρητήρια για το βραβείο σου!!!!Οι απαντήσεις σου πολύ καλές!!!Φιλάκια!!!

  4. Congratulations for your award !
    Your blog is really lovely...

  5. Συγχαρητήρια!Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για την τιμή!